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/ When the Belfast child sings again


“When the Belfast child sings again” tells the story about the youth in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They grow up with the consequences of The Troubles: the 29-year civil war between the Catholic and Protestant communities in Northern Ireland. Belfast became the scene of firefights, bomb attacks and executions. Even though there is a peace agreement since 1998, there are still walls up to 12 meters high, that divides the city into many different city districts. There are gates that close every evening to separate the communities. The many walls and fences characterize the distance and division of the city. The cold street scenes shows that the past wont' be easily forgotten.


Although it was relatively quiet in recent years, there is a lot of restlessness  in the city due to the upcoming Brexit. There’s a big fear of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and leaving the European Union.


This series shows young people at a vulnerable age in which they have to make their own choices. The older generation in particular is maintaining the situation, where the younger generation wants to see more improvement and solidarity in the city. At the moment they often grow up on their own side of the wall and with the one-sided stories of their parents. Since more and more young people participate in youth centre projects, where Catholic and Protestant young people come together, their way of thinking is changing. They would like to see the walls disappear so that they can grow up together.

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